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17 June 2024
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Register your poultry!

What is the current legislation?

At the moment, registering your flock with APHA is only compulsory if you own 50 or more birds. For flocks smaller than this, registration has been optional, but recommended, as APHA can notify you of disease outbreaks nearby. Once registered, you should notify DEFRA of a change in address, or if the number of birds you keep changes significantly. 

What is changing?

From 1st October 2024, every flock will need to be registered, whether you have a smallholding with 49 in your flock, or just a few backyard pets! This applies to all poultry species (chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese) as well as more exotic species like emu and rhea. You do not need to register ‘caged pet’ species such as parrots and canaries. You will need to inform the APHA of: 

  • The owner’s contact details 
  • What species are kept 
  • How many of each species are kept 
  • Where they are kept 

Why the change?

The change in legislation is a result of the serious avian influenza (“bird flu”) outbreaks in recent times. By having up-to-date records of poultry numbers in any given area, outbreaks can be contained more efficiently to reduce the spread of the disease, which the APHA hopes will mean that these measures can then be lifted sooner. 

What happens after I have registered?

Keepers will receive text alerts when avian influenza is confirmed on a holding, notifying you of the general area of the outbreak. You will also receive information of biosecurity measures that have been put in place, whether these are localised ‘surveillance zones’ or a nationwide “flockdown” as seen in previous years. 

If your poultry move to a different address, or the number you keep changes significantly, then you should update the APHA with new details. 

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