TB Advisory Service

TB Advisory Service

TB Advisory Service (TBAS)

Our vets are part of the TB Advisory Service which offers free visits to discuss TB risk on farm, and offers four simple cost effective, practical recommendations based on the risks identified.

  • Free to eligible farmers
  • Includes a follow-up visit 6 months after the first assessment

The TB Advisory Service has been running for 4 years, funded by the rural development program for England (RDPE) 98% of Farmers that had a free farm visit said the recommendations at the end were useful and 90% rated the service as excellent.

Defra is now funding the TB Advisory Service for the whole of England, previously it was only available for farmers in the high risk and edge areas. This new funding also allows those farming other TB susceptible species (camelids, deer, goats, pigs and sheep) to have visits not just cattle keepers.

The top 5 recommendations from previous visits include using badger proof water and feed troughs, fencing off badger setts from cattle, using the website www.ibTB.co.uk to look up a sellers TB history prior to purchase and putting up wildlife cameras to identify what badger activity is in the farm yard and where to prioritise badger proofing measures.

If you would like to book your TBAS visits please contact the practice on 01934 852 650 For information on the service visit TBAS.

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