Our team of vets understand the specific needs of camelids. We provide both emergency care as well as tailored preventative health plans.

Our key areas of service include:

  • Yearly herd health planning
  • Tailored parasite control plan including offering modified stolls faecal egg counts, specifically looking for E. macusaniensis
  • Vaccination plans and reminders
  • Nutritional advice
  • Disease prevention and surveillance; knowledge of the diseases that alpacas can carry and contract from other species, and how to test for them
  • TB testing
  • Pregnancy scanning
  • Routine foot trimming and dental care
  • Imaging for dental disease at Langford Vets including radiographs and CT
  • Neonatal care, including giving plasma transfusions when appropriate
  • On site laboratory and analysis of blood samples


We hold regular client meetings which are free to attend. Watch the recording of our 'Feeding Camelids' meeting which was held via Zoom in October 2020.

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Camelid TB Testing

Camelid TB Testing

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