Register your interest for future Farm Animal Practice Events

Register your interest for future Farm Animal Practice Events

You can use this form to register your interest for our events, and to submit your own ideas of what you'd like to see from us. Once we receive a threshhold of demand for a particular session, we can organise the event and contact you with further details of how to sign up for it. In general our training sessions and free client meetings will be held virtually via Zoom, and practical sessions will be held at Langford. Some training and special courses will have a charge associated with them, this will be made clear when bookings go live.

- Red tractor medicines training
- Cattle foot trimming
- Practical calving course | Practical lambing course | Practical Unpacking course
- Mobility scoring cattle - practical training
- Youngstock rearing
- Parasite control in sheep | Parasite control in calves | Parasite control in alpacas
- Chicken husbandry

Register your interest for our events


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