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15 May 2024
Cats & kittens
Parasite Control

Parasite control in cats and kittens

Parasite control in cats and kittens

Common parasites that affected cats and kittens in the UK are: 

  • External parasites (live on the skin or fur) - Fleas and ticks, occasionally lice 
  • Internal Parasites (live inside the pet) - Roundworm, tapeworm and lungworm 

Different drugs are required to tackle each type of parasite, so a combined product is often easier that tackles several or all of the parasites in a single dose. 

Kittens nearly always have significant roundworm infestations which is a risk to the health of the kitten AND any humans they are in contact with. Regular monthly roundworm treatment is essential for kittens. 

Parasite control is discussed on an individual basis as the risks to your pet and family vary depending on the lifestyle of the pet. 

Most cats with outdoor access will be hunting so regular flea, tick and worming is advisable. 

Indoor only cats may have little exposure to parasites and may only occasionally need treatment. 

Book an appointment and we can plan the best protection to suit you and your cat or join the TLC and spread the financial cost over the year. 

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