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15 May 2024
Cats & kittens

Neutering Cats & Kittens


Through extensive research and observation, we've concluded that the positive impacts of neutering far surpass any concerns that may arise. Neutering not only aids in controlling the population of stray and unwanted cats but also offers numerous health benefits for individual animals, including reducing the risk of certain cancers and infections, curbing aggressive behaviours, and promoting a longer and healthier life overall. While we acknowledge that no medical procedure is entirely risk-free, the benefits of neutering, both at the individual and societal levels, make it a highly recommended and responsible choice for cat owners. 

Many owners incorrectly believe that cats should have one litter before being neutered. Another common myth is that they won't mate with their siblings.  

One unneutered female cat can be responsible for up to 20,000 kittens in just five years. Clearly with approximately one million unneutered cats in the country, this poses a major animal welfare problem if left unchecked.  

Cats should normally be neutered at four months old, before they reach puberty and are able to have kittens. not only will neutering prevent unwanted litters, it reduces your cat's risk of contracting potentially deadly illnesses such as FIV, the cat equivalent of HIV. 

TLC members receive 10% off this procedure.

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