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Small Animal Hospital Inset Days

Our Small Animal Hospital holds regular inset days to upskill our teams and to share our expertise with our colleagues. These are a mix of taught and practical sessions covering a huge variety of topics often with fascinating external speakers.

Inset Day March 2024

The LV research stream was well attended at the recent LV inset day with interesting talks from our surgery residents.
Luca Bresciani ‘CT assessment of femora-patellar joint congruency in dogs with medial patella luxation undergoing block resection’
Francesco Piani – ‘The SUB way’
Dan Lomas ‘Impact of double pelvic osteotomy on dorsolateral subluxation in 24 dogs’

Inset Day December 2023

The Langford Vets research stream was well attended at the recent LV inset day. We had a presentation by Georgina Knight from LV diagnostic laboratories discussing the potential contribution to diagnostic and research work of MALDI-TOF. MALDI-TOF is now available for research as well as diagnostic applications at LV. Please contact Georgina Knight for further information.

There were also research abstract presentations

Holly Reyes-Hughes – Diabetic nephropathy in cats

Holly Witchell – Patient deterioration, what are your VEWS

Inset Day March 2023

The research stream continued at the Langford Vets Inset day in March 2023. Research presentations included:

Andy Boulter ‘Surgical management of oesophageal foreign body’

Mariette Pilot ‘Component separation for the repair of a chronic abdominal hernia in a dog’

Francesco Piana ‘Locking compression plate fixation of feline acetabular fractures: application, complications and perioperative outcome’

Inset Day December 2022

The first research stream was held at the Langford Vets Small Animal Hospital Inset day in December 2022. This included an inspiring keynote speaker session delivered by Rachel Dean, Director of Clinical Research and Excellence, Vet Partners entitled ‘Clinical research is for everyone’.  The audience participation in the discussions were enjoyed by everyone. Langford Vets Clinical Research Fund funded projects were presented in the research stream along with other research presentations including:

Lorna Hardy ‘Interpreting discordant SDMA and creatinine concentrations in cats’

Marisi Gomez Martinez ‘Comparison of the efficacy of lidocaine administered intravenously, intranasally or as infraorbital nerve block in dogs undergoing rhinoscopy’

Charlotte Day ‘Two interesting presentations of urinary tract disease in two -toed sloths; Chloloepus didactylus’

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