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Medicine and Emergency and Critical Care

Langford was visited by Dr Leslie Lyons, head of the feline genetics and comparative medicine laboratory (Lyons Feline & Comparative Genetics – Lyons' Den at the University of Missouri) and the 99lives initiative. A number of Langford researchers discussed collaborative projects related to feline genetics with Dr Lyons and we look forward to the outcomes of these projects.

Journal Publications

Control line failure in Angiostrongylus vasorum point-of-care serology test in dogs with angiostrongylosis due to suspected hook effect - Journal of Small Animal Practice - E.N Barker, J.R Payne and H Wilson

Canine tuberculosis: A review of 18 new and 565 previously reported confirmed cases - The Veterinary Journal - Conor O’Halloran, Emi N. Barker, Jayne C. Hope, Danièlle A. Gunn-Moore

Hepatic Gene Expression of Angiogenic and Regeneration Markers in Cats with Congenital Portosystemic Shunts (CPSS) - Veterinary Sciences - Tivers, Mirczuk, Charlesworth, Wood, Barker, Lipscomb and Fowkes

Associations Between Dog Breed and Clinical Features of Mammary Epithelial Neoplasia in Bitches: an Epidemiological Study of Submissions to a Single Diagnostic Pathology Centre Between 2008-2021 - Grace Edmunds, Sam Beck, Kedar Umakant Kale, Irena Spasic, Dan O'Neill, David Brodbelt, Matthew J Smalley

Prevalence of ultrasonographic gastrointestinal wall changes in dogs with acute pancreatitis: A retrospective study (2012-2020)

Effect of an antimicrobial stewardship intervention on the prescribing behaviours of companion animal veterinarians: A pre-post study

The microvascular endothelial glycocalyx: An additional piece of the puzzle in veterinary medicine

Circulating hyaluronan as a marker of endothelial glycocalyx damage in dogs with myxomatous mitral valve disease and dogs in a hypercoagulable state

Visualising the endothelial glycocalyx in dogs

Feline non-erosive immune-mediated polyarthritis: a multicentre, retrospective study of 20 cases (2009-2020)

Point prevalence and clinical course of proteinuria in dogs with idiopathic non-erosive immune-mediated polyarthritis

The effect of non-absorbent hydrophobic sand litter on the urine protein-to-creatinine ratio in feline urine

First report of suspected glycogen storage disease type 1a occurring in an adult dog

The bone cancer link in dogs and humans - Kennel Club Gazette - Grace Edmunds, Gay Robertson and Dan O'Neill

CTSK variant implicated in suspected pyknodysostosis in a domestic cat - Maria Lyraki, Angie Hibbert, Sorrel Langley-Hobbs, Philippa Lait, Reuben M Buckley, Wesley C Warren, Leslie A Lyons, and 99 Lives Consortium - Sage Journals

Presenting signs and clinical outcome in dogs with metaphyseal osteopathy: 39 cases (2009–2018) - Robertson, V. L. Black, E. Villedieu, K. E. Clarke, I. Faux, A. Major and S. Adamantos

An undernutrition screening score for dogs with protein‐losing enteropathy: A prospective multicenter study - Wootton - 2023 - Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine - Wiley Online Library

 Florence E. Wootton, Christopher S.F.K. Hoey, Glynn Woods, Silke Salavati Schmitz, Jenny Reeve, Jennifer Larsen, Aarti Kathrani

Dog breeds and conformations predisposed to osteosarcoma in the UK: a VetCompass study

Canine Med Genet 2023 Jun 27;10(1):8.          doi: 10.1186/s40575-023-00131-2.

Dan G O'Neill, Grace L. Edmunds, Jade Urquhart-Gilmore, David B. Church, Lynda Rutherford, Matthew J Smalley, Dave C. Brodbelt

The unique structural and functional characteristics of glomerular endothelial cell fenestrations and their potential as a therapeutic target in kidney disease | American Journal of Physiology-Renal Physiology Natalie C. Finch, Chris R. Neal, Gavin I. Welsh, Rebecca R. Foster and Simon C. Satchell

Suspected robenacoxib-induced liver injury in a dog - Wiley Online Library Jorge Pena-Ramos, Natalie Clare Finch, Sonia Sanchez-Redondo

Scientific Abstract Presentations

Medical management and outcomes in 8 dogs with proliferative urethritis: a retrospective study - Paul Rees presented an oral abstract at BSAVA congress in Manchester.

Hypercalcaemia secondary to granulomatous steatitis in a miniature schnauzer - Emi Barker presented a poster on behalf of Holly Reyes-Hughes at BSAVA congress in Manchester.

Coagulation status of dogs with idiopathic immune-mediated polyarthritis - Leo Packham and Vicki Black - Presented as an oral abstract at the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Congress

Owner's experiences of caring for a cat with chronic kidney disease in the UK - Holly Reyes-Hughes, Jenna Elliott, Angie Hibbert and Natalie Finch - Presented as an oral abstract at ECVIM

Does the iodinated contrast agent administered to dogs during computed tomography imaging reduce the sensitivity of detecting a urinary tract infection? - Chan, I., Black, V., Costa, M., Barker, E.N. - Presented as an oral abstract at ECVIM

Comparison of a point of care Brucella canis serological test to commercially available assays - Kennils, J., Cue, S., Barker, E.N. - Presented as an oral abstract at the International Society of Companion Animal Infectious Disease Symposium

Prevalence of common respiratory pathogens within a population of pet cats in the UK - Chan, I., Dowsey, A., Lait, P., Tasker, S., Helps, C.R., Barker, E.N. - Presented as an oral abstract at the International Society of Companion Animal Infectious Disease Symposium

Funding success

Vicki Black was awarded a project grant from Pets at Home to study feline pancytopenia.

Emi Barker is part of the Mapping Animal Susceptibility to Coronavirus: outcomes and transcriptomics group led by the Royal Veterinary College and working with researchers at the University of Oxford and Manchester. The group have been awarded a Petplan Charitable Trust grant to study Feline Infectious Peritonitis

Yeonsoo Choi, a Bristol Veterinary School undergraduate student was awarded funding from Morris Animal Foundation and the Langford Trust to undertake a project supervised by Natalie Finch evaluating renal loss of EHD3 in chronic kidney disease in cats.

Project summary: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in cats characterised by declining kidney filtration function. In people and animal models, declining kidney filtration function is associated with changes in cells in the kidney filtration barrier that are regulated by EHD3. This project will correlate kidney EHD3 expression with changes in the kidney filtration barrier in cats with CKD. In addition, it will evaluate urinary EHD3 as a potential early diagnostic marker associated with changes in the kidney filtration barrier. EHD3 provides a   novel therapeutic target aimed at delaying decline or restoring kidney filtration function in cats with CKD.

Congratulations to:

Iris Chan, Josh Hardwick and Chris Hoey for completing their residencies

Josh Kennils for his Masters Degree by research graduation. Josh studied diagnostic approaches to feline subclinical bacteriuria and urinary tract infections and was funded by PetSavers.

Welcome to:

Kesia Wareham who is undertaking PhD project entitled ‘A multi-centre cluster randomized trial to improve antimicrobial stewardship in companion animal’ supervised by Fernando Sanchez-Vizcaino Buendia and Emi Barker.

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