Veterinary Nursing - In the Spotlight

Veterinary Nursing - In the Spotlight

Our team of 63 nurses are proud to be experts in all aspects of nursing, covering our Small Animal Referral Hospital, Small Animal Practice and Equine Referral Hospital. The knowledge and passion demonstrated by our nurses enables Langford Vets to grow and flourish. Our nurses are proud of their skills. Their talents and capabilities enable our teams to achieve more day on day, week on week, year on year. With further qualifications and a huge variety of advanced skills, our nurses are proud to be leading the way in the development of the veterinary nursing industry.

In their own words, our nurses and vets explain how they feel about nursing here at Langford Vets.


The definition of nurse is ‘to care for' and here at Langford Vets we do that in cohesion with our vets who are our medical decision makers and surgeons. Nurses here work to high clinical standards, undertaking diagnostics, anaesthesia, consults, behavioural care, rehabilitation, and more. We feel valued.

 Diane Leggo, Head Nurse, Small Animal Practice

 I’m fortunate that for almost all of my career I have always worked with vets who value my help and my contribution.

Sarah Cooper, Head Night Nurse, Small Animal Referral Hospital



Our Veterinary Nursing roles are incredibly diverse and we continue to look to evolve the available opportunities here at Langford Vets.  We acknowledge that nurses don't just want the traditional route of progressing to a Head Nurse role. They want the opportunity to develop themselves as the clinical nurses that they trained to be. This is why we support and encourage our team with pursuing advanced qualifications, such as the VTS, which really takes their nursing knowledge and skill set to the next level.

Becky Jones, Clinical Governance Manager



Vet nursing roles are complex, and more nurses are now taking veterinary technician specialisms (VTS) to develop their skills above and beyond their previous limits. We’re right on the cutting edge of the development of the nursing role and we are seeing more and more areas of the hospital becoming nurse lead. Our skills are in demand, and we regularly help to share our skills with our colleagues, and other practices. 

Holly Witchell, Head ICU Nurse Small Animal Referral Hospital


Our specialist referral services are well supported by experienced nurses who have a wealth of knowledge and practical skills. We have recently introduced nurse clinics to improve our client experience and animal care. We look forward to expanding these clinics to allow our nurses to shine even more.

Lee Meakin, Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery Lead, Small Animal Referral Hospital



We feel that each and every person in our team is equally important to patient care and support.  We all act in the patient’s and client’s best interest, and are all equally as passionate to this end.

 Equine Nursing Team, Equine Referral Hospital

Our nurses are advocates of patient wellbeing, their role is core to the delivery of excellent patient care within our hospital. The nursing team are central to the patient focused veterinary team

Emi Barker, Internal Medicine Clinician, Small Animal Referral Hospital



As nurses we undergo several years of training at university to acquire our skill set for the career that we love, and strive to do our best for every patient. RVN’s are a skilled profession that should be given the opportunity to employ their skill set to improve the veterinary work environment.

Holly MallerAnaesthesia Nurse, Small Animal Referral Hospital


Looking to the future

Here at Langford Vets we are proud to work closely with the nurses and vets of the future. The University of Bristol runs two BSc degree courses in veterinary nursing. Third year nursing student nurses, while on rotation with Langford Vets, train our third and fourth year vet students about the role of the nurse. Initiatives like this show the evolution of the veterinary industry, and the ways in which both nurses and vets benefit from their complimentary skill sets.

With our strong teams of skilled professionals; nurses, animal care assistants, equine hospital assistants, vets, receptionists and administrators Langford Vets is looking to the future of the veterinary care. By working together and valuing the expertise of each and every team member, we are driving forward our company motto; “At the forefront of discovery, at the heart of animal care”.