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05 January 2024
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Langford Vets Small Animal Referral Hospital joins Dog Friendly Clinic Scheme

Veterinary care is an essential part of dogs’ lives, but some find visits to the vets stressful. We are very pleased to collaborate with the BVBA to create the Dog Friendly Clinic Scheme to help veterinary practices embed the principles of behavioural medicine into clinic life.

Vet clinics are at the forefront of recognising and preventing the development of problem behaviours in dogs, and this scheme will help them develop the skills and knowledge to optimise the wellbeing of the dogs in their care.
Dr Rachel Casey, Head of Canine Behaviour and Research
Dogs Trust
Encouraging welfare-friendly treatment of dogs in veterinary practices is one of our primary objectives so every additional practice means many more dogs will benefit.

We’re delighted that Langford Vets Small Animal Referral Hospital has joined our dog friendly community. By doing so, they are helping ensure every dog has as positive an experience as possible within their clinic.
Chris Laurence, Chair
Dog anxiety when visiting the vet can be stressful for everyone involved and may even put off owners seeking veterinary help when needed.

By becoming a dog-friendly clinic our team are committed to optimising our knowledge, skills, and resources to ensure vet visits and hospital stays are positive for both dogs and clients. Our clinic team will also benefit from a better understanding of dog behaviour, helping them prevent the development of problems, spot issues early, help owners with up-to-date advice, and have a safer working environment.

I am excited to have joined this new initiative and showcase the excellent behaviourally underpinned veterinary care to our students – the future vets and nurses of our industry.
Stephanie Goddard, Registered Veterinary Nurse
Langford Vets

To find out more about the Dog Friendly Clinic Scheme visit

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