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06 July 2023
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Langford Vets’ Heroes Tea Party Welcomes Back Labradors Stanley and Barney Who Defied the Odds in Battle Against Tetanus

Barney and Stanley both developed tetanus from a small wound as is often the case, this occurred as a complete coincidence on almost the same day just 100 miles apart. We are proud to work closely with their local vets at Garston Vets Frome and Maes Glas in Bridgend who had initially been taking care of them, however once their disease began to progress they contacted our Emergency and Critical Care (ECC) and Internal Medicine teams to organise referral, recognising our expertise in intensive care these dogs were likely to need.

Vicki Black, Hospital Director said “The amount of hard work, expertise, and love for these two dogs really was incredible to witness and a great example of what Langford does so well. There really isn’t a person I wouldn’t like to say a huge thank you to for their hard work. I wholeheartedly believe we really are the best place for your pets and am very proud of my team.”

Langford Vets invited Stanley, Barney, their families and referring vets back to the Small Animal Hospital to meet each other and to be reunited with the veterinary teams who cared for them so diligently for many weeks. They celebrated with ice-cream from local supplier Chew Moo's and a doggie birthday cake baked by Stanley's owner to celebrate his third birthday this week. Barney and Stanley were presented with personalised 'Langford Hero' bandanas and their owners received flowers and cards with personalised messages from their care teams. It was a lovely opportunity for the owners to chat about their shared experiences during a worrying time. Both dogs seemed especially please to be reunited with their primary vets Jenny and Holly, recognising them immediately and bounding over with tails wagging.  Stanley and Barney enjoyed a relaxing walk in the grounds while their owners were given a tour of the hospital facilities where the dogs had been cared for. Our team are thrilled to see the dogs doing so well.

Barney's owner Ian had this to say about their experience:

"Barney became ill a few days after injuring a claw. When our local vet diagnosed Tetanus we were shocked and devastated, knowing that, although extremely rare, when a dog gets generalised tetanus the chances of survival are at best 50:50. We were referred to Langford Vets and will never forget arriving there on a cold rainy evening in February with Barney unconscious and stiff as a board.

For the first couple weeks of treatment, we didn't know from day to day if Barney would survive. Holly and the team at Langford called us twice a day with updates on his progress. The day they called to say that he had lifted his head and wagged his tail was wonderful news.

The care that Barney received, and we received, was exemplary, both during his stay at Langford and afterwards, as the recovery from Tetanus takes many weeks of therapy at home after discharge.

Thanks to the team at Langford we now have a healthy and active dog again.

To return to Langford for the Tea Party was a joy, seeing the dedication and affection towards Barney of the entire team was very moving indeed. Paula and I are eternally grateful for their hard work."

If you are a vet and you need urgent advice on a tetanus case please call us 0117 3940513

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