Surgical and Equine Centre Clinical Lead

Yvonne graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in Canada in 1997. This was followed by a rotating large animal internship at Washington State University during 1997-98 and an equine surgery residency from 1998-2001 at the New Bolton Center, part of the University of Pennsylvania.

She achieved Diplomate status in the American College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2002 after succeeding at the specialty board exams and between 2001-2004 she worked as a Lecturer in Large Animal Surgery at New Bolton Center. Yvonne then worked for two years at North Carolina State University as an emergency surgeon in equine surgery before moving to The Ohio State University for four years. These four years were spent doing predominantly elective surgery and lameness.

Yvonne then worked as an equine surgeon in both soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery at the busy equine referral clinic at the University of Montreal in Canada from 2010-2015, where she was Head of the Equine Hospital in 2014-2015. She then joined the equine surgery team at Edinburgh for two years doing both soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery.

Yvonne has a special interest in oncology and minimally invasive surgery, both soft tissue (laparoscopy) and orthopaedic (arthroscopy). She is also interested in the development of novel methods of wound management including vacuum assisted closures. She speaks internationally about wound management and oncology (e.g. sarcoids). Yvonne is experienced in equine upper respiratory surgery with an emphasis on laser surgery.

Yvonne currently serves on the examination committee for the ACVS and as an associate editor for the Equine Veterinary Education journal.