Serena Maini BVSc MRCVS

Ophthalmology Clinician

Area of Service: 

Serena graduated from the University of Bristol in 2007. She worked as a small animal general practitioner in the UK and Australia for five years, before commencing a Junior Clinical Training Scholarship at the Royal Veterinary College (London). 

Serena went on to work as an Ophthalmology Intern and, subsequently, Ophthalmology Resident at the Animal Health Trust (Newmarket). During this time she developed an interest in genetics research, and collaborated with the Kennel Club Genetics Centre on two research projects ('Sequencing of the fibrillin-1 gene in cats with primary lens instability'; 'Corneal dystrophy in Cavalier King Charles spaniels - a candidate gene study').

Serena returned to Langford in 2017 in order to complete her specialist clinical training and explore new research opportunities.

When she is not working, Serena enjoys spending time with her friends and family (in particular her furry feline, Beanie).