Michael Millar BVSc MSc MRCVS

Teaching Fellow in Production Animal Pathology

Mick graduated from the University of Queensland in 1988 and worked in mixed practice in both Australia and the UK before joining the Veterinary Laboratories Agency (now the Animal Plant and Health Agency - APHA) in 1999 at Langford as a Veterinary Investigation Officer. In this role he specialised in the diagnosis of diseases in farmed animals through post-mortem examination and laboratory tests, and by providing advice to practitioners in the field. Through this role he diagnosed the re-emergence of Psoroptic mange in cattle in England, and documented the first case of clinical disease in cattle due to immature rumen fluke in cattle in Great Britain.

He gained an MSc in Control of Infectious Diseases of Animals (CIDA) from the RVC in 2008 and developed an interest in Brucellosis, becoming the veterinary consultant for APHA.

Mick works in the Farm Animal Pathology division of the University of Bristol carrying out post-mortems, and investigating disease outbreaks in production animals by providing guidance to vets in practice.