Kathleen Tennant BVetMed Cert SAM Cert VC PGCAP FRCPath MRCVS

Clinical Lead - Diagnostic Laboratories

Kathleen graduated from the RVC in 1996 and continued on for a further year as a small animal intern. 

She was lucky enough to spend three years as a resident (Ethel Measures Fellow) at Cambridge in a unique position which provided both medicine and clinical pathology training, and enabled her to gain her Cert SAM. A year in practice followed, during which she gained her Cert VC, but the lure of the microscope brought her back to a full time clinical pathology lectureship at the RVC in 2001 and she gained her MRCPath and PGCAP qualifications.

A move to the South West and the University of Bristol occurred in 2006 and she has since moved to work full time as a Langford Veterinary Services clinician in charge of the diagnostic laboratories. She gained her FRCPath during this time and uses her clinical pathology experience to help advise the laboratory’s clients, the students and the clinical scholars in all things laboratory based.

Kathleen’s area of interest is the complicated haematology case requiring bone marrow cytology and histopathology.

Sadly, but unsurprisingly to those who know her, she has a favourite red cell abnormality (Heinz body). She owns a cat, Red, and some adopted fish.