Sports Medicine Referrals

Sports Medicine Referrals

Equine Sports Medicine Referrals

To book an appointment with Kate please call 01934 852 650

Dr Kate Allen was the UK’s first RCVS Equine Sports Medicine Specialist. Her clinical work is in the medicine aspects of sports medicine, and primarily investigates horses with poor performance, respiratory noise, cough, increased respiratory rate and prolonged respiratory recovery. Kate offers a wide range of diagnostic investigations for cardiorespiratory disease. These can be performed at veterinary clinics or in the yard.

Kate has a broad clinical and research interest in equine sports medicine and optimising the health, welfare and performance of athletic horses. Her clinical work mainly focuses on poor performance and cardiorespiratory diseases.

Back in 2008 Kate was involved in the development and testing of the very first overground endoscope and she has offered a clinical service in overground endoscopy since then.

Kate offers a research led referral service, incorporating her own research as well as relevant clinical research from around the world.

Her primary research area is the effects of the respiratory system in health and disease on athletic performance. The respiratory system is the primary limiting factor to performance in racehorses and therefore optimising the function of the respiratory system is critical to performance. Kate is currently working on an HBLB funded project which investigates the responses of the respiratory muscles to training.

Kate has also teamed up with world renowned experts in ethics and welfare and is undertaking research on ethical issues in equine sports medicine.

Kate has two cardiac research projects in progress looking at associations between ECG and HRV during exercise and between ECG findings and upper airway abnormalities.


Clinical services offered:

· Overground endoscopy

· Lower airway endoscopy

· Lower airway sampling – Tracheal wash and Bronchoalveolar lavage

· Laryngeal ultrasound

· Thoracic ultrasound

· Inhaled/ Nebulised Therapeutics

· Electrocardiography

· Poor performance consultation


See a list of some of Kate's recent contributions to the industry literature on her bio page below.

Kate Allen - Senior Lecturer in Equine Sports Medicine

Twitter - Equibreathe

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