Outpatient Terms and Conditions

Outpatient Terms and Conditions
  1. Request for appointment must be made online.
  2. Relevant history to be submitted by completing the online referral request form.
  3. Referring veterinary surgeon to inform client of the exact nature of procedure offered by the Outpatient Referral Service.
  4. Outpatient referral service will be carried out as per exact instructions on request form and Langford Vets will accept no responsibility for investigating and reporting on concurrent disease, conditions or treatment, unless specifically requested by referring veterinary surgeon.
  5. Should our examination reveal an unexpected finding, we will contact you immediately to discuss the best course of action.
  6. In cases where the patient requires a general anaesthetic, we require you to have performed relevant blood tests within the week before the procedure and inform our clinicians about the patient’s general health, specifically relating to anaesthetic risks.
  7. Communication (including reports) will be between Langford Vets and referring veterinary surgeon only.
  8. A report will be emailed to referring veterinary surgeon within two working days.
  9. Langford Vets will invoice practice directly if client does not pay in full at the time of their appointment.
  10. Langford Vets will not accept the Client as a new client to any of our first opinion veterinary surgeries for six months post Outpatient visit.

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