Outpatient owner information

Outpatient owner information

Your referring vet will complete the online referral form to arrange a request for your referral.

1. Our reception team will then contact you to offer an appointment date.

2. On arrival at reception your pet will be admitted by a nurse who will ask some basic questions and explain about how the Outpatient service works. The nurse will also give you an approximate time for discharge.

3. For echocardiography cases (heart scans) you are welcome to wait until the procedure is completed. However, for those procedures requiring an anaesthetic your pet will be admitted for the day.

4. Your pet will undergo the agreed procedure.

5. A hospital nurse will discharge your pet to you.

6. Full payment will be collected from you unless your referring vet has indicated otherwise.

7. The full findings of the procedure will be reported to your referring veterinary surgeon who will then relay the information to you.


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