Outpatient Endoscopy

Outpatient Endoscopy

If you have exhausted the investigations you can do in your practice, we are pleased to be able to offer upper GI, flexible endoscopy for your patients carried out by Professor Ed Hall or Sheena Warman.

Endoscopy is usually the last step in the investigation of GI problems, and we are always happy to discuss the suitability of your case. (See advice button above).

If the patient has signs of colonic disease, this cannot be investigated as an outpatient, as colonic cleansing needs to be done overnight.

As endoscopy requires full GA, it is essential that we receive pre-operative blood results. We need to know as a minimum;

• Total protein
• Serum albumin
• Serum creatinine

before we can even accept the case. However the more you send us, the more helpful our interpretation of our findings will be.

We will fax/email a report of the gross findings on the day of the procedure when the patient is discharged. Biopsy results will follow, usually within one week.

Outpatient video-endoscopy price list

Prices include VAT and are correct as of 1st August 2020

Video endoscopy upper GI: £1000

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