Hydrotherapy involves controlled exercise in warm water and can be used to help improve strength and fitness as well as for gait retraining and weight management. Our hydrotherapy suite consists of an underwater treadmill and a hydrotherapy pool. Our Hydrotherapists are registered with the Canine Hydrotherapy Association and work closely alongside our Physiotherapists.

Patients referred for hydrotherapy are always assessed by one of our ACPAT Physiotherapists first to ensure an appropriate treatment plan is developed and that their progress is monitored throughout the course of their treatment. Your first appointment will involve a detailed history taking and a thorough physical assessment of your pet including their movement. A home exercise programme is usually provided to complement their hydrotherapy treatment. They may not receive hydrotherapy treatment during their first appointment. Your pet may take a few sessions before they are entirely comfortable in the underwater treadmill or pool. Even pets who love jumping into ponds and lakes often find the strange environment a bit overwhelming to begin with. Pets who are nervous in water often cope well in the underwater treadmill as their paws are always on the floor.

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