Useful Client Tips

To help you with the general care of your pet’s health and treating your pet with prescribed medication, you can find below some useful tips, advice and videos.

If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or would like to clarify any details about the medication prescribed to your pet, please do not hesitate to contact the Small Animal Practice on 01934 852422.


What you can do to help prevent the spread of Avian Flu

Are you a poultry owner and worried about Avian Flu? Click on the link below to find out more about the recent government-recommended measures you can take to prevent the spread of diseases like Avian Influenza.

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Top Tips for Summer Pet Safety

Here are some top tips from Petplan to make sure you and your pets have fun in the sun whilst staying safe here in the UK or abroad.

Top tips



Raw Meat Based Diets (RMBD)

There is currently no properly documented evidence of health benefits for RMBD, but there are well documented risks. As such, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association Global Nutrition Committee recommends that RMBD not be fed to dogs and cats. 

WSAVA Statement WSAVA Nutrition Advice


Travelling Pets

If you are taking your pet abroad this summer, additional precautions need to be taken with regards to parasite control. Each country provides different risks therefore in many European countries it is necessary to take greater precautions against ticks and biting flies due to the diseases that can be transmitted. There is increasing concern about the risk of rabies entering the UK but all animals travelling from Europe to the UK should have been vaccinated against rabies and are therefore at low risk.

If you are considering travelling with your pet, please book an appointment to discuss your pet’s individual requirements for your journey and destination.

Click here for some information from Heathrow Airport covering their guidelines for travelling pets, which should be similar for most airports.


What can you do to help your pet during the firework season?

It’s that time of year again when our pets dive for cover. Whilst we need to be careful with pets around fireworks in the same manner as human safety, we also need to be mindful of the impact the noises and flashes might have them.  Some animals can learn to be tolerant of firework noises but for many this season is a misery.  View our video and contact us to plan how you can minimise the impact of fireworks on your pets.



How to use a veterinary supplied ear cleaner for pets

Elanco Companion Animal Health in conjunction with University of Bristol have produced this short video for pet owners. The video provides instructions on how to use veterinary supplied ear cleaners for promotion of optimal ear health.



How to use a veterinary prescribed ear treatment for otitis

Elanco Companion Animal Health in conjunction with University of Bristol have produced this short video for pet owners. The video provides instructions on how to administer veterinary prescribed ear drops for the treatment of otitis externa.



Top Tips for Teeth

There are a number of ways to prevent plaque and subsequent tartar from accumulating on the teeth:

1. Tooth brushing: the most effective method of plaque removal.

2. Enzyme gels and mouth washes

3. Enzyme chews

4. Prescription diets

Click here to read our Top Tips for Teeth in full 

Come along to one of our free nurse clinics to learn about tooth brushing and dietary treatments to keep your pets' breath nice and fresh.