Our Pet Heroes

This month the Langford Vets Small Animal Practice ‘Pet Hero’ is Frodo Bryant

Frodo is a 7-year-old black Labrador who was brought into the Small Animal Practice after his Dad became concerned by a sudden onset of extreme diarrhoea and vomiting combined with being very subdued compared to his normal happy and bouncy self.

Frodo was adopted by his family in August 2017 along with his brother Troy from The Labrador Rescue Trust. His previous owner had unfortunately passed away leaving Frodo and Troy in the care of the Trust looking for a new loving home. Frodo especially needed a home with a little more TLC to give as he’d had an accident as a puppy, damaging his back legs leaving him slightly deformed with a very distinctive hop when using the stairs! Fortunately, this previous injury doesn’t affect Frodo too much, he is still able to run, jump and play with his favourite pig toy like a puppy!

Sadly, Troy lost a battle with bowel cancer shortly after being adopted, but Frodo being Frodo kept his tail up and wagging and quickly adapted to his new life with his adoptive brother Bertie the terrier to play with and distract him.

Frodo was diagnosed with haemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE) otherwise known as acute haemorrhagic diarrhoea syndrome (AHDS). HGE presents as a sudden onset of extremely severe, very watery and bloody diarrhoea and vomiting in dogs. It can be fatal if left untreated, however with accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment, there is an excellent success rate for full recovery.

HGE is multi causal and it’s very difficult to identify the infectious agent so, unlike parvo virus (which is characterized with similar symptoms), we cannot vaccinate against it.

Frodo’s treatment for HGE involved very intensive supportive therapy including aggressive rehydration, probiotics and occasionally antibiotics. He was kept in the isolation ward and treated as contagious as a precaution. Recovery for patients suffering with severe HGE can sometimes take up to a week of hospitalisation and intensive nursing.

Fortunately, Frodo made a full recovery after a week’s stay with us, he gave us a bit of a scare but battled through and is now happily back at home with his family enjoying his daily bowls of afternoon English breakfast tea (he prefers long life milk)!!

Frodo was lucky that his family quickly noted his symptoms and sought veterinary advice. His experience is an important reminder to be vigilant when it comes to your pets’ health and well-being, keeping a close eye on them since they can’t tell us when they feel poorly! If you are at all concerned that your pet may not be their ‘usual self’ then please call us on 01934 852 422 for advice.


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