canine hydrotherapy

Rehabilitation Centre

Our rehabilitation team aims to improve an animal’s quality of life throughout their life, maintaining functional abilities and possibly even improve them. We offer a holistic approach to the animal, which aims to promote and maintain normal movements, as well as alleviate and manage pain.
Our physiotherapist, pain management specialists and hydrotherapists aim at working together as a team to provide a rehabilitation plan for a wide range of disorders:
• Recovery post orthopedic surgery
• Recovery post neurological injury
• Pain management and mobility in elderly patients
• Treatment of neuropathic pain
• Sports injury and fitness
• Weight loss programmes.

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Hydrotherapy comes from the Greek word water healing, this is where exercise is carried out in a controlled manner in warm heated water. We welcome any dog that would like to come to hydrotherapy, whether training for endurance competitions or as part of a weight loss programme. We also see postoperative animals and animals for osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia. Hydrotherapy provides gentle resistance activity in warm water, helping to increase circulation, improve mobility and proprioception and relieve pain without excessive strain.

We are registered with the Canine Hydrotherapy Association (CHA) which means that the majority of insurance companies will be happy to pay for hydrotherapy treatment with us. All cases are by referral only.