Shoulder procedures


Treatment for medial instability

Surgical procedures

Multiple conditions can lead to lameness originating in the shoulder joint. These may include injury to the biceps tendon, glenohumeral ligaments, subscapularis tendon and spinatus muscles.

We are able to offer MRI, ultrasound and arthroscopy to fully evaluate the joint for intra and periarticular causes of forelimb lameness.

The image on the left show a post op radiograph from a dog with medial shoulder instability. He received a prosthetic medial glenohumeral ligament & bone anchors to stabilise the joint.




Shoulder arthroscopy


We can offer arthroscopic evaluation of the shoulder joint.





Thermal capsuloraphy

Thermal Capsuloraphy and ablation






Imaging Investigations

Supraspinatus tendonopathy (arrow) in a Labrador diagnosed on MRI.