Growth deformity corrections


Labrador with growth deformity

Growth deformity correction

The orthopaedic service sees cases with a wide variety of growth deformities. We are uniquely equipped with the technology and implants to manage these cases effectively. 







pre-op radiographs

Pre-op radiography

On presentation cases undergo clinical assessment in concert with radiographs and CT of the limb(s).




Pre-operative CT

Pre-op CT assessment 

A 3-D CT reconstruction of the deformed limb is created.



Pre-operative planning

Surgical planning

This allows the surgeons to plan precisely the correction technique needed.




engineered bone models


In collaboration with University of Bristol Engineering Department stereolithography models of the limb are then manufactured.




pre-operative practice

Correction rehearsal

Once formed, the bone models allow us to rehearse deformity correction on the patient and preassemble the frame / implants before surgical correction. This dramatically increases the speed of surgery and accuracy of correction.




post op fixator in place

Post operative radiographs

Once fully prepared, our surgeons can operate to place the frame swiftly and precisely.




post correction

Final radiographs

Over several months the device will be minutely adjusted daily, until complete correction is achieved.