Elbow procedures


Elbow fractures

CT of humeral condylar 'Y' fracture'Y' fracture repair post op

Elbow Fractures

An extensive range of facilities and surgical equipment are available to treat all types of fractures and luxations.

External skeletal fixation, circular fixation, locking plate and standard screw/plate fixation equipment are all available facilitating the use of the best repair methods suited to each case.

The images show a pre-op CT 3-D reconstruction, demonstrating  a humeral condylar ‘Y’ fracture.


This was repaired with transhumeral screw & bilateral SOP plates.








Elbow dysplasia

CT of fragmented medial coronoidSliding humeral osteotomy

Elbow Dysplasia

Our department has a major interest in the pathogenesis and treatment of elbow dysplasia and we have published numerous studies on this disease in peer reviewed journals.

Diagnostic investigation of these cases will typically involve radiographs, CT advanced imaging, arthroscopy to fully evaluate the joint.

We offer surgical treatment options for medial coronoid process disease which include:

sliding humeral osteotomy
Kyon PAUL procedure
fragment fixation 
arthroscopic debridement of the joint.

Ununited anconeal process is treated with reattachment of the process with ulnar osteotomy.



TATE elbow replacement

Pre-op arthritic elbowTATE elbow replacement

TATE Elbow Replacement

Elbow osteoarthritis is a common debilitating condition that affects many dogs of all ages, most often as a consequence of elbow dysplasia.

For dogs with severe pain that is poorly controlled by medical management we can offer elbow replacement with the BioMedtrix TATE elbow. Our surgeons are certified to perform this procedure by BioMedtrix and we have performed this surgery on some of the largest case numbers in the UK so our experience is extensive.

We are in close collaboration with BioMedtrix on this surgery and have a paper evaluating the prosthesis under review for publication- one of the first papers in the world on this technique.