Photo tour of the feline centre



Once you arrive at our Small Animal Hospital reception, you'll be directed upstairs to our cat only waiting room...'s easy to find - just follow the paw prints!

All the photos you see are of previous patients relaxing in the cat ward, or of our dearly loved blood donor cats.




Waiting room

Take a seat on one of the comfy sofas. There are lots of ledges, tables or hard chairs available for you to place your cat basket onto. Our waiting room is cat only, and situated away from the main waiting room and general thoroughfare to ensure a quiet space, away from noisy dogs, for you and your cat to relax. One of our clinicians should arrive shortly to take you through to our cat only consult room.



Consulting room

Our consulting rooms are of a good size are cleaned fully on a daily basis as well as in between patients. We provide a litter tray in the rooms, as many of the cats we see will have had a substantial journey on their way to see us.

There are cat size scales in each room and a supply of bedding so that we can place a fresh vet bed on the table for the cat to sit on for examination.

Both examination tables are located next to the windows so that cats can look out of them if they wish during the consultation and examination.




Feline intensive care unit

If your cat were very ill, they would go straight from the consult room to our feline only intensive care unit.

Here our 24-7 emergency and critical care specialists would ensure your pet would be closely monitored and supported round the clock. The soundproof glass doors ensure peace and quiet for your cat while they recover.

If your cat had a life threatening infectious disease, we are able to keep them in our Isolation facility, to ensure it did not spread to other cats. This in a separate location and strict barrier nursing is enforced meaning anyone entering the unit must change their footwear and wear a full length gown and gloves to ensure they do not risk spreading any infection present.




Teresa settling in a new patientAn inpatient relaxing

Feline ward

Patients that are being hospitalised for more than a day get priority for the largest cages. The cages are in a single line, meaning timid cats can't be intimidated by more aggressive cats staring at them. They are made of fibreglass to provide extra warmth, allow noise reduction and ensure that a cat is not startled by its own reflection. We provide a range of blankets, towels and fleeces for cats that are not fond of vet bedding.

Each cat’s personality is assessed and they are given another bed for security. This is usually something that they can hide in such as an igloo, hidey sack, cardboard box, or, for the more relaxed cats, a doughnut bed.

We have a range of cat litters available to match the cat’s personal preference. To prevent any risk of cross contamination, and for cats that will only use a litter tray once, our policy is to dispose of all of the litter and provide a completely fresh tray each time a cat eliminates.

Fresh water is available to every cat at all times and the cats are given fresh food every four hours throughout the day, unless medical indications exist for more frequent or reduced feeding. For cats requiring intravenous fluid therapy, accurate delivery of fluid is vital. We therefore have fluid pumps and syringe drivers available to precisely infuse even the smallest of our feline patients.




Long stay ward

Cats that are hospitalised for longer periods, or that are particularly stressed by the presence of other cats in the cat ward can be hospitalised in the long stay feline ward. The long stay ward consists of large walk-in pens with solid doors and walls providing maximal privacy for each patient. Each pen has several shelves for cats to jump on to and a ramp for the not so agile!

There is also a window on the very top ledge for cats to look out of and sunbathe!



Procedures room

If your cat needs any basic procedures such as bloods tests or short anaesthetics they will be taken to our Procedures Room.

This allows us to care for your cat away from the gaze of other cats, allowing them to be as relaxed as possible. The concept of performing procedures away from other cats has been used in The Feline Centre for many years and we find that this significantly reduces potential stress, both for your cat and the other cats watching. 

Again this is located upstairs in the small animal hospital away from the sights, smells and sounds of dogs. If your cat needs to have surgery, they will be taken to our new state of the art hospital building.