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We accept referrals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at our state of the art, multi-disciplinary hospital.

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What to send us

1. A referral letter broadly indicating the nature of the referral, diagnostic tests performed and owner expectations is always appreciated.
2. A copy of the relevant patient notes. It is really helpful if you can highlight which parts of the history are relevant.
3. Any diagnostic tests, even if they are reported as normal. If we need to repeat some of the investigations; it can be very useful to have access to previous clinical data for comparison.
4. Recent medications details. If the animal is already on medication, (for example antibiotics, NSAIDs or steroids) please ask to speak to the clinician as we may ask for the medication to be stopped prior to the appointment.


Our commitment to you

We endeavour to see non-urgent appointments within 5 working days. When we discharge a case, we will fax and email a copy of the owner's discharge instructions to the referring practice. This will be followed by a full referral letter, (unless otherwise stated) within 3 working days, if not sooner. Should a patient need interim support such as dressing changes, the case clinician will usually contact the practice by telephone to advise.

If an animal is hospitalised with us for a prolonged period, the case clinician will send an interim report to the practice. We will be in contact with the animal’s owner daily. We do not routinely contact the referring practice this frequently; however if you would like a progress report at any time, please don't hesitate to call us.

*Please note, this excludes radioactive iodine treatment, for which we do have a waiting list.