Special Offers

Please find a list of our current special offers below.  We hope you and your clients find them helpful.

To discuss these further with one of our surgeons, or to utilise one of these special offers, please telephone our Small Animal Hospital receptionists on 0117 39 40513 / 40514



ONLY £100

Cystoscopy is used to examine the urethra and bladder, and, in female animals, the vaginal area. It may be indicated as part of the investigation of lower urinary tract disorders such as incontinence and chronic urinary tract infections, and may be used alongside other diagnostics such as ultrasound. We are offering cystoscopy at a special add on price of £100 when undertaken at the same time as other investigations. This offer will expire on 31st January 2017.


Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt Surgery

ONLY £5,000

Intrahepatic portosystemic shunt surgery has historically carried a high risk of haemorrhage during shunt dissection.  A minimally invasive treatment is now available using interventional radiology techniques, which reduces the risk of haemorrhage during the intervention, compared to traditional surgery. Intravenous access is gained through the jugular vein and embolisation coils are delivered directly into the shunt, through the dog's circulation, together with a specially designed vena cava stent which holds the coils in position.
This is usually a one-off procedure with very few cases needing a second intervention for further coiling. Our team here at Langford Vets has treated more dogs in this fashion than any other centre in the UK. 
Animals undergoing this procedure at Langford Vets are also eligible for a follow-up (including bloods and CT scan) at a discounted rate.