Yvonne Elce Joins Langford Vets Equine Centre

Langford Vets is delighted to announce the arrival of new clinicians to its Equine Centre, including Yvonne Elce, an ACVS Diplomate and RCVS Recognised Specialist in Equine Surgery.

In addition to joining the surgery team, Yvonne has also been appointed Head of the Equine Centre. She has a wide range of experience across equine emergency surgery, elective surgery and lameness and worked as a soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeon at the busy equine referral clinic at the University of Montreal from 2010-2015, where she was Head of the Equine Hospital in 2014-2015. She then joined the equine surgery team at the University of Edinburgh working in both soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery before joining Langford Vets this month.

Yvonne has a special interest in oncology and minimally invasive surgery, both soft tissue (laparoscopy) and orthopaedic (arthroscopy). Yvonne has extensive experience in equine upper respiratory surgery with an emphasis on laser surgery. She is interested in the development of novel methods of wound management, including vacuum assisted closures, and speaks internationally about wound management and oncology (e.g. sarcoids).

Yvonne said: “I am thrilled to be joining the Langford Vets Equine Centre at such an exciting time that has seen growth in both the clinical team and service offerings. I am looking forward to working with the team to further shape our offering and provide the best possible service for all our clients.”

Langford Vets is also pleased to confirm that Katya Potter will be joining the Equine Centre next month as a Medicine Clinician. Katya has completed her residency and is undertaking her final requirements to become an ACVIM Diplomate. She is interested in all aspects of equine medicine but has a particular interest in cardiology, neurology and respiratory medicine. Katya joins a growing Medicine team that includes Sarah Smith, who joined the Company in early May, Veronica Roberts and Dr Kate Allen.

In addition, last month Langford Vets welcomed Nigel Woodford back to the Equine Centre as he provides maternity cover for Evita Busschers. Nigel is a European Specialist in Equine Surgery and has a wide range of experience in equine medicine, reproduction and surgery.He has operated on colics for over 20 years and is experienced in all of the major orthopaedic and soft tissue surgical procedures. He has a particular interest in guttural pouch mycosis.

Langford Vets Equine Centre will be exhibiting at next month’s BEVA Congress 2017. Some of the team, including Yvonne Elce and Lucy Meehan, will be speaking at the event and there will be an opportunity to meet them and other members of the team on the stand.