Standing Equine MRI Now Available

Standing Equine MRI

From October 2014 the facilities of the Langford Equine Centre will now include a standing equine MRI (Hallmarq). The Equine MRI completes the diagnostic imaging facilities already available on-site (scintigraphy, radiography, ultrasound and CT) and will enable us to provide an enhanced and more complete service.

Equine MRI offers the ability to image soft tissue structures and identify soft tissue injuries that cannot be demonstrated with other diagnostic imaging modalities. It therefore offers additional value that is key in providing a diagnosis and prognosis in lameness evaluations. For the first 20 clients and referring vets we are pleased to offer a significantly reduced price of £750 for a complete MRI examination (bilateral region of interest) excluding sedation (standard price is £1,100-£1,200).

We welcome any referrals and requests for horses that require MRI of a specific area and a report will be provided. As always, we also welcome referrals for more extensive lameness examinations and our other diagnostic imaging facilities.

To find out more please contact the Equine Centre.