Q&A: Puppy Socialisation Classes

Find out more about the Puppy Socialisation Classes that we run at our Small Animal Practice with our Q&A. What are puppy classes, what do they involve, and why are they beneficial to your new puppy?

What are puppy socialisation classes?

Puppy classes are a great way for puppies to learn the social skills needed in adult life, in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. Our puppy parties are run by our head veterinary nurse with lots of experience with new puppies. The classes are for puppies that have had their first vaccine and are under 12 weeks of age. 

Why are puppy classes important?

It is important to socialise our puppies at an early age to introduce them to all different sights, sounds and people. Puppy classes can help:

  • To give them the best start in life & the confidence to be outgoing
  • To help them enjoy playing and meeting new people and their dogs in different surroundings
  • To support new owners & offer advice about how to deal with issues like toilet training & teething.

What can I expect on my puppy’s first class?

At your first party you and your puppy will be introduced to the other puppies and their owners. In good weather, the classes are held in our secure outdoor puppy paddock. (But don’t worry, we have an indoor puppy room for wet evenings.) At the end of each party we have a question and answer session about our puppies to share tips and advice with each other.

For more information, or to book a place for your puppy, please contact our Small Animal Practice on 01934 852422 or email sap@langfordvets.co.uk.