Pet Laws: Your responsibilities as a pet owner

Pet Laws: Your responsibilities as a pet owner
Did you know there are legal responsibilities that come hand-in-hand with having a pet? James Allsop updates us on certain aspects of the law which affect all pet owners. 

The Animal Welfare Act of 2006 introduced some mandatory requirements for care of pets in the UK. The government has produced some easy to read and clear English codes of practice for looking after dogs and cats which we recommend all pet owners read. Most of the information could be regarded as common sense for experienced pet owners but they are worth reading so that you aware of your legal responsibilities by having a pet.

A dog law that many dog owners seem to not be aware of regards identification: All dogs in a public place (i.e. outside of your home) should have a collar and tag. The tag should contain details of the owner’s name and address. There are some exceptions for this regarding dogs taking part in work or sporting events. We would recommend that a telephone number is a sensible addition to this required information. 
In April 2016 the new microchip laws will come into effect in England and Wales which will make it illegal to transfer ownership of a dog over eight weeks old without a microchip (some exceptions apply). If an adult dog is found without a microchip you may be issued with a notice period to have a chip placed or face a fine. Further information can be found in “The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015” which come into force on 6th April 2016.

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