New Study: The clinical use of EMLA cream before intravenous catheter placement in dogs

We're currently running a study looking at whether we can improve the experience of dogs during catheter placement.

This study, led by Hugo van Oostrom (pictured), Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anaesthesia, involves temporarily numbing the skin locally with a cream, similar to the cream used with children prior to intravenous catheter placement.

We think the study will show that numbing the skin will make dogs feel more comfortable during catheter placement. If proven, this will likely become standard practice within our Small Animal Referral Hospital.

We are currently asking owners of all dogs admitted in to our hospital whether they would like their dog to participate in the study. Owners are under no obligation to allow their dog to be enrolled in the study. Dogs are only enrolled on the study if they require an intravenous catheter while being hospitalised.

Hugo van Oostrom, said: “At the end of April, 30 dogs had already been enrolled on the study, which is a fantastic start. We need 300 dogs in total, so we’re at 10%, meaning we still need to recruit a lot of dogs!"

“This study clearly demonstrates to our clients – both Vets and owners – that we’re continuously striving to boost our standards of care by gaining further knowledge through research."

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Update 8 August 2016: We have reached the 25% milestone and now have 87 dogs enrolled in the study. We need 300 dogs in total so we are still recruiting.

Hugo van Oostrom