A New Pace of Life

Bertie cardio case study pacemaker


Bertie is a ten year old dog who presented to us with a recent history of collapse. A 24-hour holter ECG (a technique where a monitor is able to detect the electrical activity of the heart for 24 hours) was carried out. This demonstrated that Bertie suffered from sick sinus syndrome. Sick sinus syndrome is a disease where the pacemaker cells of the heart do not function well and a can result in very low heart rates or even the heart stopping completely.

An artificial pacemaker was successfully implanted by our Cardiologists. The procedure was successful and Bertie has now stopped having collapsing episodes and he is enjoying life.

Artificial pacemakers are routinely implanted in dogs at Langford Vets' Cardiology Unit for treatment of various diseases. The majority of dogs enjoy normal life post-implantation. Follow-up checks at our pacemaker clinics are usually needed once a year.