New Genetic Test for Burmese Head Defect

Burmese, head defect, genetic testing

Good news for Burmese breeders!

Our Diagnostic Laboratories are proud to announce the launch in the UK and Europe of the Burmese head defect genetic test. This test enables Burmese breeders to identify carrier cats and thus reduce the chance of breeding kittens with the head defect.

The Burmese head defect (craniofacial) mutation affects the development of the head and facial areas in affected cats. Common in lines of Burmese in the United States (personal communication Prof L Lyons), a recent study undertaken by Dr Chris Helps at Langford Veterinary Services has shown the prevalence of the head defect mutation in European and UK Burmese to be around 1%. Find out more about the new Burmese head defect mutation test