NEW Behaviour Referral Service

NEW Behaviour Referral Service

We are pleased to announce the opening of a newly revamped Behaviour Referral Service being run by Langford Veterinary Services.

The service will be headed by Dr Sagi Denenberg DVM DACVB Dip. ECAWBM MACVSc (Behaviour) MRCVS and will cover cases including:

Canine behaviour problems: fear and anxiety, noise phobias, repetitive and compulsive disorders and aggression.

Feline behaviour problems: house- soiling, urine marking, fearful behaviour (avoidance), eating disorders (such as excessive sucking or chewing) and repetitive or compulsive behaviours.

As well as helping to prepare for new arrivals (new animals or babies), helping clients to engage with and settle a new rescue animal and much more. If you think your client could benefit, please get in touch.

The changes to the behaviour service mean it is now easy to get rapid appointments for your clients with a specialist in Veterinary Behaviour. We can also provide advice to vets on managing cases.

What you can expect:

  • Advice on dealing with cases
  • Easy referral for your clients
  • Full referral report following initial consultation and the after each subsequent revisit.

What your client can expect:

  • A rapid appointment made with a specialist behaviourist
  • An initial consultation of 1.5-2 hours
  • A number of revisits lasting approximately 50 minutes each (number and frequency will vary case by case)
  • A written report of advice given
  • A wealth of online links to helpful websites where they can find more information.

For further information about the new service, please visit our website or contact us.