Langford Vets hosts WHO Antibiotic Awareness Evening

Langford Vets hosts WHO Antibiotic Awareness Evening
As part of the World Health Organisation’s World Antibiotic Awareness Week, Monday 14th November 2016 saw Langford Vets hosting a WHO Antibiotic Awareness Evening, delivered by the University of Bristol’s AMR Force.
Vets from Langford Vets Farm Animal, Equine and Small Animal Practices, as well as human clinicians and an antibiotic pharmacist joined to hear some of Bristol’s top microbiologists and veterinary researchers talk about the practicalities and implications of antibiotic use in animals.
Topics discussed with the participants included the effects of over-prescription of antimicrobials in animals, as well as tips on how to change perceptions within practice staff from vets who have made it work, how realistic the transfer of antimicrobial resistant bacteria from animals to humans actually is, and what we should expect from veterinary antimicrobials in the future.
The audience was very engaged, and the evening benefitted from practitioners of the different sectors comparing their experiences and reflections. With such positive feedback, AMR Force is keen to deliver more CPD sessions in the future.
For more information on this issue and to sign members of your practice up as antibiotic guardians, please visit: