Langford Vets Equine Referral Hospital clinicians will be available for specialist consultations @Nutwell, near Exeter

Langford Vets Equine Referral Hospital clinicians will be available for specialist consultations @Nutwell, near Exeter
01 May 2019
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Launching on the 15th May, selected elective procedures will be available in a new location, on the beautiful Nutwell Estate in Devon. Langford Vets Equine Referral Hospital are here to support cases from referring vets across the South West, sharing their expertise across the wider South West. Our clinicians will also be available to provide an ambulatory service to practices in Devon and Cornwall using Nutwell as a base, so reducing mileage and making these services more easily available. Nutwell will host a limited number of CPD events, making cutting edge CPD more easily available for equine vets in the region. 

Come and join us for our launch party:

On 15th May Langford Vets @ Nutwell will be hosting an evening’s CPD on “Foal to Five-Year Old”. Specialists Yvonne Elce and Sarah Smith will discuss the surgical and medical advances of recent years which optimise transition from a foal to a healthy young competition horse.

This evening will also include a tour of the facilities at Nutwell, as well as an opportunity to meet our clinicians and ask questions about the new service.

Join us at 7.00 for cheese and wine (non-alcoholic drinks will also be available). We are keen to hear what our referring vets would like from equine CPD at Nutwell, as well as to support local practices in delivering the very best in equine veterinary care.

Contact: to for questions or book online


Working from Nutwell weekly by appointment, our lead clinicians will be:

Yvonne Elce - Head of the Equine Centre

Sarah Smith - Equine Medicine Clinician


Also available:

Dental procedures with our veterinary equine dental clinician Sam Bescoby including extractions, infundibular restorations and diastema treatments.

Ophthalmology consultations and eye surgeries with Specialists Claudia Hartley and David Donaldson.

Lameness workups with our Lameness Locator and orthopaedic ultrasound (e.g. stifle joint scanning) with Specialists Lucy Meehan and Yvonne Elce

Acupuncture with Katya Potter from our Medicine Team.


To discuss available services @Nutwell please telephone our equine reception team on 0117 394 0786.