First Recognised Specialist in Sports Medicine in the UK

Equine Sports Medicine

Langford Veterinary Services is proud to announce that Dr Kate Allen has been awarded Specialist status by the RCVS for Sports Medicine. This is a significant achievement within this emerging discipline and makes Kate the first Recognised Specialist in Sports Medicine in the UK.

Kate is experienced in the provision of a complete assessment for poor athletic performance, including techniques such as electrocardiography, echocardiography, exercising endoscopy, evaluation of the lower airways, gastroscopy and musculoskeletal evaluation. Kate was involved in the development of the pioneering technique of overground endoscopy and has several publications on the use of overground endoscopy and development of appropriate exercise tests. Kate is in the enviable position of having extensive experience with both treadmill and overground endoscopy.

Kate is responsible for all clinical cases referred to the equine sports medicine centre. Kate's research interest is primarily the management of diseases that affect athletic performance and in particular the diagnosis, cause and management of dynamic upper respiratory tract obstructions.