Farm Animals in Housing: Jobs to be done

Farm Practice Housing: Jobs to be done
Are your farm animals in housing for the winter? If so, it's a great opportunity to get some essential husbandry jobs ticked off your list.

Winter has certainly made its arrival known over the last few weeks of rainy and windy weather, and livestock are, on the whole, in for the winter. Make sure that you use this time of easier access to your animals to get all of those essential husbandry jobs done.

Some fluke treatments should be done six weeks after the animals are taken off the pasture and whole herd/ flock vaccines (BVD/ IBR/ Lepto etc ) are more easily done while the animals are housed.

Clostridial vaccines are highly recommended for cattle and sheep (as well as other species). The highest risk for these diseases is when the animals are at pasture. Turnout seems like a long way off now as the animals have only just come in, but it’s essential to get the initial dose and booster doses done through the months of housing so the animals have maximum immunity in time for turn out again next year.

Make sure you get your clostridial vaccines planned and ordered in advance and feel free to ask our vets about clostridial disease vaccination protocols for your animals.

TB Testing

The winter period is also a convenient time to TB test animals that are in housing which means this is a busy time for the practice with regards to fitting in lots of larger tests. Please contact our Farm Practice to book your TB tests as far in advance as possible to ensure that we can get your test done when suits you best.

For more information, you can contact our Farm Practice team on 01934 852650 or email