Equine Hospital Moving to Emergency Cases Only

Equine Hospital Moving to Emergency Cases Only
24 March 2020
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Equine Hospital Moving to Emergency Cases Only  

Our horses are a great support to us during challenging times, bolstering our mental wellbeing and keeping us physically active. It is more important than ever to follow government guidelines to keep ourselves and others safe. Our responsibilities as a vets is to protect the health and welfare of animals and we do this alongside supporting their owners. However we must also consider the importance of protecting human health, NHS services and those in our community that are most at risk.  

We have taken the decision to migrate the Equine Referral Hospital to “emergencies only” from Tuesday 24th March until further notice.  This allows us to better implement the recommended social distancing and reduces the risk for all of those who will continue to provide a high standard of care to animals in emergencies, enabling us to continue to provide this important service. 

Scheduled appointments: 

We will be postponing all pre-arranged, non-urgent appointments, to reduce the amount of human to human contact and potential spread of COVID-19. This is to protect both our clients and veterinary staff as well as the wider community.  As we predict our telephone lines will be very busy please wait for us to contact you if you have a pre-arranged appointment for the next few weeks. 


Please feel free to telephone should you have an emergency which we will be continuing at admit to the hospital. When attending emergencies our vets will be following the latest social distancing guidelines and trust that our clients will respect these guidelines too. 

Advice calls / telemedicine and teleradiology:

As always, referring vets should feel free to ring for advice about cases and also to discuss whether it is suitable to admit cases. However for situations where you or your clients would like more detailed support about a non-urgent case, in lieu of our usual appointments we will be offering telephone consultations and teleradiology services. Referring veterinary surgeons will be provided with further information very soon, or you are welcome to contact the Equine Hospital for more information. 

We thank you in advance for helping us maintain the welfare of your horse and the health of the wider community.