Case Study: Laser Correction for Ectopic Ureters

Case Study: Laser Correction for Ectopic Ureters
14 May 2019
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In this image the ureter has been catheterised and a laser is being used to dissect along the wall of the ureter.Skye is a Husky Cross who was referred to Langford Vets Soft Tissue Team aged just four months old. Her owners had noticed a wet patch of urine on the floor after Skye had been lying down, this deteriorated as she grew and her vet referred her for incontinence as they suspected ectopic ureters (a condition where the ureters do not empty into the bladder and drain somewhere outside the bladder instead).

Skye came to our Small Animal Referral Hospital and ultrasound and CT scans revealed that one of her ureters was not emptying into her bladder but into her urethra (the tube connecting the bladder to the outside world). Our Soft Tissue Surgery Team used a laser alongside one of our new cystoscopes to correct the issue.

Skye has grown since her procedureSkye’s owners report that she is doing well and is now dry following the procedure. As you can see she has grown a lot since her procedure.

Langford Vets were the first centre in the UK to manage these cases with cystoscopy and laser to avoid patients having open surgery. The entire procedure is done through a camera inserted into the urethra which means no incisions or suturing are required.

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