Duke's busy week

This is Duke, he is now 9 weeks, Westie x Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy.

He came from a lovely family home where both parents lived on the farm and so they had access to the outdoors and livestock and lots of farm machinery noises from the start.

Since arriving with Sam, he’s had a busy week socialising and meeting lots of new people and animals. Duke is a very chilled puppy and takes everything in his stride, the aim is that he will become a Pets As Therapy dog and visit local hospital and schools.

Duke has already visited Langford Small Animal Practice, a few times this week, meeting the staff members, the kennels, being handled by the student vets; which is all good practice for both him and them. He’s also been to the local shops, pubs and been to Clevedon seafront to see the miniature railway, bouncy castle, skate park and lots more!

On Monday Duke attended the North Somerset Show; he was carried all around seeing and hearing lots of new and exciting things. These included gun shots, tractor pulling, chain saws, steam engines, he saw horses jumping, sheep, alpacas, cows, plenty of dogs and of course he met lots and lots of people of all ages and received lots of interest and cuddles. But most importantly he had a big nap in his fabric crate at the Langford Vet stall in the shade, so he was well rest and hydrated during the hottest part of the day.

Duke is growing up with 7 other dogs within the household; a mixture of ages, breeds and characteristics, and also cats. He often joins the dogs on their daily walks, being carried so he can see everything that goes on out and about.  He is also getting used to car travel and loves to sleep in his crate in the car.

He also has a crate at home ‘his bedroom’, where his cuddly rabbit lives and keeps him company at bedtime to snuggle into. He enjoys his crate time and the fact it comes with him wherever he goes, helps with the transition between home, car travel and visiting other households.

Since Duke arrived home, he has been taught about toilet training and he has picked this up quickly, going outside and learning to go on command. He will happily go on grass, but now we need to start introducing other surfaces such as gravel, tarmac, patio and decking.

His puppy teeth are still coming through and because of this he does like to chew lots at present. To prevent Duke from chewing the wrong objects, ie shoes, remote controls, electrical wires, we offer him a mixture of toys and chews of different textures to help him through this teething stage. He loves his meal times and so we offer him his meals in lots of different ways too; slow feeders, from our hands, as training tidbit rewards, scattered in the grass for him to hunt and sniff out.

Duke has lots more adventures and learning to come over the next few months and you can follow his blog here to see how he grows and progresses