Duke predicts World Cup results


Duke is now 16weeks old, looking back at photos of when he first arrived he has grown so much. He has had an upgrade and is now sleeping in a bigger crate at bedtime, which he likes to stretch out in and take all his toys to bed with him! He has now had his final vaccination, which gave him a tingling sensation in his neck as the vaccine is stored in the fridge and so is cold when administered but he coped well with this and has been back to the vets for some positive visits following his vaccination so he doesn’t worry about visiting the vets. He can enjoy going out and about even more now his vaccine course is completed, although in this hot weather he is only going out for walks early morning or late in the evening when there is more breeze and the pavements are cooler for him to walk on, so not to cause injuries or sores to his soft pads.

He has done more socialisation walks and visits and met with a variety of older dogs, and enjoyed some lovely games of chase and play. He is enjoying attending weekly training and is always tired at the end of class as there are lots of new commands and tasks to learn as a puppy, and he likes to socialise with the other puppies too.

He is still teething and has lost a few teeth now and his gums are very red and sore, so he is enjoying frozen tea towels and ice cubes to soothe them. He doesn’t like the heat much either so he has a paddling pool in the garden to paddle and drink from which he enjoys greatly. Along with hiding in the bushes in the shade and on the cool grass.

Duke has been involved in the World Cup, predicting the results of the games. Eickemeyer have been filming puppies at various veterinary practices, with their World Pup predictions! They came to Langford Small Animal Practice and filmed Duke with 3 game predictions, and so far have broadcast his Portugal v Spain prediction.  Duke did amazingly well considering he’s never been filmed before and didn’t really know what was expected of him and had no time to practice the exercise, or adapt to the new surroundings.