Duke makes a friend


Duke is continuing with his busy social lifestyle! It is so important while he’s young that he experiences as much as possible.
He went back into school this week to listen to the children read and receive plenty of cuddles, which everyone clearly enjoyed. He shows great promise in becoming a ‘Pets as Therapy’ dog when he is older. 
He also attended Pawsitive Pre-school to meet some puppies of a similar age to him. He loved this session, and the bonus having positive association with the vets is so beneficial. He slept soundly when he got home from all the socialising.
He has visited Pets at Homes to see the small animals, hear the noise of the tills, baskets rolling on the ground and the groomer’s dryers from the Groom Room. While he was there he got some new teething toys; as his new teeth are starting to push through and making his gums very sore. We have given him ice cubes to chew on to soothe the gums and also tried knotted frozen tea towels and frozen carrots. We will be keeping an eye on his mouth over the forthcoming weeks to make sure all his puppy teeth fall out and that the next set come through without causing any concerns. Hopefully we will be able to find some of his puppy teeth too as they fall out.
Duke has a new doggy friend staying over at the house this week while his owners are away on holiday. Baxter a 8mth old male yellow lab, they have quickly become very good friends and are pretty much inseparable even with their crates next to each other so they can sleep close-by too. 
They enjoy playing in the garden with their toys, even tugging, which Baxter is very gentle at doing and mindful of Duke, despite their obvious size difference! Although now with Duke’s sore gums these tug games have reduced slightly.
With the recent bad weather we have been introducing Duke to rain and showing him that he still needs to go out in the garden even when it’s wet. This is a challenge for any puppy and we are needing to go out with him to help reassure and teach him that is okay and nothing to worry about. Duke has also experienced his first thunderstorm, he was happily settled in the house while this was going on but could hear the thunder and see the lighting in the distance over the fields.