Duke goes camping


With the warm weather continuing we decided to take Duke on his first camping trip, he absolutely loved the experience! He adapted to his new home immediately, the noise of the tent material can be unnerving to some dogs but Duke was unphased, he quickly learnt the wind-breaks provided shade for him during the heat of the day and was settled when attached to the tether peg outside the tent. He enjoyed the routine of the early morning cool walks over Exmoor National Park, seeing the wild horses and cows, and exploring the heathland with his doggy friends and meeting lots of new people and dogs at the campsite.

Due to the hot weather we were mindful of exercising them in the heat of the day, so walks were carried out at 7am to ensure we were back at the campsite by 8.30am, then Duke and his doggy friends chilled in the shade for the majority of the day with frequent trips to the camp site’s dog friendly field for toilet stops. In the cool evenings, Duke practised his training he’d learnt at Pawsitive Pups to ensure he was mentally stimulated and progressing well with training tasks. At bedtime, Duke slept in his soft crate, its ideal that he is comfortable in a crate and so when away from home, it’s like he’s bought his bedroom with him and can relax and rest with ease.

Another new experience for Duke recently has been he’s learnt to swim, he is a real water baby and enjoys going for a dip on most walks now. Being young and only having little legs we are careful of how he enters and exits the water, and ensure the current is calm enough for him to manage to swim comfortably.

You may have noticed that there are lots of dog shows taking place over the weekends at present and Duke has attended a few himself. Entering the ‘Handsome Hound’ class but sadly was not placed; fingers crossed for his next show attendance!