Cataract Case Study: Benji

Cataract Case Study: Benji
18 June 2019
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Benji came to us with cataracts in both eyes that had caused him to lose all his vision. Eye examination and further investigations including ultrasound and electroretinography showed that cataract surgery was likely to be successful. His owner decided to go ahead with surgery with our Ophthalmology team and his sight was fully restored in both eyes.

The post-operative treatment is very important to the success of the surgery and Benji's owners have been very diligent. The image above shows Benji having his intraocular pressure checked by one of our night nurses.  After cataract surgery patients need to be monitored very carefully with frequents checks throughout the day and night by our dedicated nursing team.

It is one of the best parts of our job to see a dog so happy after treatment. His owners are pretty delighted too and brought a "Benji" mascot for Joy Ioannides, our ophthalmology resident, who fell in love with him!