News - May 2016

Richard Hammond, Chief Executive of Langford Vets, appointed University of Bristol Head of the School of Veterinary Sciences Professor Richard Hammond, who became Chief Executive of Langford Veterinary Services in May 2015, has been appointed by University of Bristol as Head of the School of Veterinary Sciences. From 1 August 2016, Professor Hammond will combine the Head of... more
The latest newsletters from our Langford Vets Practices and Referral Hospitals are now available to read online!  For owners:  In our Practice newsletters, you will find the latest news, updates and offers, as well as case studies, competitions and advice from our practice teams:  Small Animal Practice  Equine Practice  Farm Animal Practice  For vets:... more
We're currently running a study looking at whether we can improve the experience of dogs during catheter placement. This study, led by Hugo van Oostrom (pictured), Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anaesthesia, involves temporarily numbing the skin locally with a cream, similar to the cream used with children prior to intravenous catheter placement. We think the study will show that... more
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