News - February 2016

Hydrotherapy Case Study: Bailey's story
Bailey - a three-year old Labrador - was referred to Langford Veterinary Services for hydrotherapy in February 2014, having shown ongoing signs of hip pain and left hind lameness for several months. Radiographs of Bailey’s hips showed that he had bilateral hip dysplasia and early degenerative joint disease.  Introduction to Hydrotherapy At his Hydrotherapy induction, Bailey was... more
We're very pleased to announce that on Sunday 18th September 2016, we will be opening our doors for what is set to be a great family-friendly day out!  Following on from the success of our last Open Day, on Sunday 18th September we will be opening our doors for this exciting one day event!    Our Open Day 2016 is set to include: Tours Indoor and... more
Find out more about the Puppy Socialisation Classes that we run at our Small Animal Practice with our Q&A. What are puppy classes, what do they involve, and why are they beneficial to your new puppy? What are puppy socialisation classes? Puppy classes are a great way for puppies to learn the social skills needed in adult life, in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. Our puppy parties are... more
The University of Bristol is currently conducting novel research looking at the immunity to feline coronaviruses.  Feline coronaviruses can cause feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) in a low percentage of infected cats and research is required to try and prevent this horrible disease. To assist with our work, we are requesting breeders’ help in submitting samples... more
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